Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to improve access to and coordinating comprehensive healthcare for those in need. We accomplish this goal through the coordination of a Volunteer Provider Network, providing health education and maximizing existing community resources.

Established in 2001, the Health Access Project (HAP) is a community partnership that works to develop a more effective system for providing healthcare to low income, uninsured individuals who receive medical services in Salt Lake County.

One of every seven Utah residents under age 65 lacked health insurance last year (Census Bureau 2009), the majority of whom do not have access to affordable healthcare. When they get sick, these individuals often delay seeking care until their conditions have worsened. Many uninsured patients use the Emergency Room as their main source of care, increasing health care costs for the
entire community.

HAP brings together all the major health care providers in Salt Lake County to address this problem. Through this unique collaboration, under and uninsured patients are able to obtain timely care in the most appropriate setting.

With support from the Utah Medical Association and Salt Lake County Medical Society, HAP has established a network of over 644 volunteer physicians. Participating providers agree to provide charity care to a set number of patients referred to them from HAPeach year.

Through arrangements negotiated by HAP, physicians can obtain donated laboratory services, diagnostic tests, and hospital care for their HAP patients. HAP also helps patients obtain free or reduced cost medications. HAP case managers support volunteer physicians in caring for HAP patients.

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