Our Successes

Client Success Stories” color=”#157478″]The efforts of the Health Access Project and all its partner organizations have significantly impacted the lives of many HAP clients. Several success stories are highlighted below (client and provider names are not included on some stories to respect their wishes for privacy):

Dolores Molina was referred to HAP in October, 2002 by Oquirrhview Community Health Center, where she receives regular primary care. Dolores was losing her vision and would soon have been unable to work due to her condition. She was very concerned about this as she was the sole supporter of her daughter, who was out of work, and her grandchildren. HAP referred Dolores to a participating IHC Opthalmologist, Dr. Bryce Barker. Dr. Barker referred the client to a retinal specialist, who performed retinal surgery on Dolores at no charge, even though he was not a member of the HAP Volunteer Provider Network. The surgery was successful and Dolores has since returned to work. She is extremely grateful for the services provided to her that have enabled her to continue to support herself and her family.

An uninsured, Hispanic female obtained a mammogram through the Utah Cancer Control Program, which identified irregularities. The Utah Cancer Control Program referred her to a General Surgeon, who enrolled the patient in the Health Access Project. The Volunteer Surgeon diagnosed the patient with breast cancer and performed a modified radical mastectomy. HAP assisted the client in obtaining donated hospital care for the procedure. The surgery was successful at removing the cancer and the patient is continuing with follow-up care and participating in a support group for breast cancer survivors. The combined efforts of the Utah Cancer Control Program, the Volunteer Physician, the Hospital, and HAP helped this woman obtain life-saving treatment for breast cancer.

Abraham Thon Kuir has lived in Salt Lake for eighteen months and has continually worked full-time but is not offered health insurance through his job. One day last fall, Abraham experienced an intense headache and not knowing where else to go, he sought care at a hospital Emergency Room. After a few blood tests, it was determined that there was nothing the hospital could do for him, and Abraham left without any treatment but with an expensive bill. Through a referral from the ER, Abraham was enrolled in HAP where a Case Manager established primary care for him at the David E. Salisbury IHC Neighborhood Clinic, only a few blocks from his home. The clinic also provided Abraham with vitamins for his anemia as well as health education. “If I get sick again, I will go to the neighborhood clinic—that’s where I should go,” Abraham said. “Or if I have any questions, I can always go to the Health Access Project.”

A 30 year old woman with severe anxiety was referred to HAP by a participating psychiatrist for primary care services. The psychiatrist agreed to continue seeing the client for free therapy services and HAP assisted the client by scheduling an appointment with a female internist with whom the client felt very comfortable. The client had a pap smear by the internist which had an abnormal result, so HAP referred the client to a participating gynecologist who performed a colposcopy to treat the cervical abnormality. The client also developed rectal bleeding during this time and was treated by a participating volunteer gastroenterologist. HAP assisted the client in obtaining several medications that she had previously had difficulty paying for, including obtaining the most expensive medication directly from the drug manufacturer. Recently, the client was able to get health insurance coverage through her employer and was therefore discontinued from HAP services. She is very grateful to HAP and the volunteer physicians who treated her, helping her to retain her job and obtain health insurance coverage.[/box]

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