Volunteer Physicians

In collaboration with all the major health care providers in Salt Lake County, HAP is creating a system through which the uninsured can obtain needed health care before it becomes an emergency. HAP accomplishes this by leveraging donated physician and hospital care, as well as by providing culturally-appropriate case management and enabling interpreter services.

Operating under umbrella of Community Health Centers, Inc, Health Access Project is committed to serves  low income people and resident of Salt Lake City by proving charitable health and dental care. This is achieved through our network of providers who has agreed to donate their time for to our patients.

By volunteering with HAP, medical providers can demonstrate their commitment to patients and to the community in a manner that is organized, efficient, and properly recognized. HAP welcomes providers of all types from all parts of Salt Lake County.

Why should I Volunteer?

One of the benefits of being participant of our volunteer provider network is that volunteer physicians may refer any of their uninsured patients to HAP. Once enrolled, they will be provided with a wide variety of support services, such as case management, subsidized prescription medications, interpretation services and donated lab work, diagnostic tests and hospital care.

Donate your time to see HAP patients

If you would like to participate as a volunteer provider or have questions regarding participation, please contact Jessie Oyler at 801-412-3988 or Email our Program Director Jessie Oyler at joyler@healthaccessproject.org. Upon agreeing to volunteer, a member of the HAP staff will conduct a brief orientation with you and your staff before referring any patients to your office. If you are a current volunteer physician and would like to refer an uninsured patient, please click here  to download our Patient Enrollment Form.

Thank you and please click here to see a list of our volunteer providers

“HAP makes sense; I would rather see these patients in my office during the day than in the middle of the night in the Emergency Room.”

-Dr. Randall Jones, General Surgeon

photo-vpnSalt Lake County physicians have a long tradition of providing charity care to low-income patients. The Health Access Project has built upon this tradition by developing a system for physicians to care for uninsured patients in a more coordinated and comprehensive way.With support from the Utah Medical Association and Salt Lake County Medical Society, HAP has established a network of over 600 volunteer physicians. Participating providers agree to treat up to twelve patients per year as part of their regular practice. The HAP Volunteer Provider Network is based on the premise that if every physician treats a small number of patients, the burden of caring for the uninsured will be spread throughout the community.HAP case managers support volunteer physicians in caring for HAP patients. Through arrangements negotiated by HAP, physicians can obtain donated laboratory services, diagnostic tests, medical equipment, and hospital care for their HAP patients. HAP also helps patients obtain free or reduced cost medications.

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