In collaboration with the major health care providers, Health Access Project created a  network of volunteers who are willing to donate their time and services for free. Through this Network, HAP is able to connect the uninsured and low income people with a primary and specialist care. Click here to see a list of medical services available.  In addition to the charitable medical care, HAP provides services such as Case Management, Charitable Medical and Dental Care, Medical Interpretation and assists clients with public health insurance (ACA, Medicaid and PCN)

Case Management Services

Case management is fundamental to changing the way HAP patients understand and access the health care system. HAP links each patient with a case manager who does the following: Screens patients for various programs and assists patients in applying for public health insurance, Schedules medical appointments to address patients’ needs and coordinates follow-up care Arranges interpreting services for non-English speaking patients. Refers patients to community resources to meet their non-medical needs.

Facilitates communication between patients and providers The population of Salt Lake County is becoming increasingly diverse. In addition to financial barriers, ethnic and racial minorities face linguistic and cultural barriers that make it difficult to access health care services. HAP addresses these barriers by maintaining bilingual, culturally-sensitive staff and by providing interpretation services for patients with limited English proficiency. HAP recruits volunteers to assist in these efforts. The Health Access Project is a department of Community Health Centers, Inc., a private, nonprofit organization under section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.